As a medical doctor with a clinical specialization in internal medicine (FMH – Swiss Medical Association), Philippe Ducor naturally turned to health law when he embraced the legal profession. Today, he has extensive experience in this field.

  • Medical liability / malpractice
  • Regulation of the medical profession
  • Medical institutions (hospitals, homes, medical centers, etc.), home care organizations
  • Social and private health insurance (LAMal, LCA)
  • Hospital and home financing / subsidization
  • Therapeutic products liability
  • Economicity proceedings (“polypragmasia”)
  • Corruption in the medical field, regulatory aspects of continuing medical education (CME)
  • Medical secrecy
  • Human research law, clinical trials and biobanking
  • Protection of the adult person: advance mandate for incapacity, advance healthcare directive, therapeutic representation
  • Data protection in the medical field
  • e-health
  • Regulatory aspects of transplantation, medically assisted procreation, human genetic analysis, human embryonic stem cells, etc.
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine-learning as applied to medical practice